Me&kids2MyKids4Humanity (MK4H) is a project and a blog about teaching my tweens, Toby (12) and Jessica (10), the meaning of social responsibility and altruism.

They do a lot of fundraising for charities through their school, but too often I feel like they just don’t “get” how lucky they are. They raise money baking cakes, for example, and then they come straight home and fight over trivial things like the iPad or the corner spot on the sofa… as if being deprived of either is the end of the world. Don’t get me wrong ‒ my kids are lovely ‒ but I think some “hands on” volunteering would give them some much-needed perspective.

Unfortunately, here in the UK, it’s really hard to find opportunities where kids under the age of 16 can get properly stuck in. This annoys me to no end. Young people are our future doctors, nurses, teachers, CEOs and leaders, yet they are almost completely overlooked when it comes to giving them real opportunities (in a non-religious setting) to learn about helping others.

The aim of MK4H is therefore threefold:

  • Do at least one main volunteering activity each month where my kids can meet people in need, help animals in some way or look after the environment, in addition to incorporating greater compassion into our everyday lives
  • Help my kids to grow into socially responsible teens and adults
  • Inspire like-minded parents to do the same with their younger kids
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“We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future.” Franklin Delano Roosevelt